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Essay Example: Robert E. Howard and Two-Gun Bob: Drawings by Jim & Ruth Keegan

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This new sketchbook features both finished illustrations and the pencil (or, in some cases it appears, ink and wash) sketches that represent various stages in their development. In addition to the illustrations for The Best of Robert E. Howard two volume Del Rey collection, the Keegans have included two splendid examples of their outstanding The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob comic strip in color, as well as a pencil version of another and a variety of character sketches. 

For fans of the Two-Gun Bob strip, as well as those unfamiliar with the Keegans’ work, the art herein will be a revelation: they are not only brilliant comic-strip artists, but formidable graphic artists and designers, drawing their inspiration herein primarily from the great German master Ludwig Hohlwein, very much in the spirit of the Golden Age of Illustration.

The sketchbook is 32 pages, with full-color covers; Price: $10.00 plus $1.60 for domestic U.S. shipping.

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