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Essay Example: REH Word of the Week: shoon

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1. archaic. plural of shoe

[origin: chiefly dialect; unknown origin]


Riding down the road at evening
With the stars for steed and shoon
I have heard an old man singing
Underneath a copper moon:
“God, who gemmed the topaz twilights,
Opal portals of the day,
“On your amaranthine mountains,
Why make human souls of clay?”

“For I rode the moon-mare’s horses
in the glory of my youth,
“Wrestled with the hills at sunset—
till I met brass-tinctured Truth.
“Till I saw the temples topple,
till I saw the idols reel,
“Till my brain had turned to iron,
and my heart had turned to steel.

[from "Always Comes Evening”; to read the complete poem, see The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard, p. 146; Robert E. Howard Selected Poems, p. 104; Always Comes Evening, p. 73 and Night Images, p. 67]

Art: Pair of Shoes 2 by Vincent Van Gogh