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Essay Example: REH Word of the Week: ochone

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  1. alas, woe; sorrow, regret

[Origin: ca. 1470; ScotGael ochan, Ir ochon; cf. och; Gaelic ochoin]


Oh the men of the isle are all loyal and bold
And the women are lovely and fair to the eye;
Ochone for the ones who left with a sigh.
(Betrayin’ their friends for the Englishmen’s gold.)

Oh never the love of that island shall slack
As long as her sons shall roam the world round,
For a country so beautiful n’er will be found.
(God pity the bastards that have to go back.)

[from the untitled poem "There’s an isle far away on the breast of the sea”; for the complete poem see The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard, p. 624]