Essay Example: Still Available to Order: REH: Two-Gun Raconteur No. 16

Orders are being accepted for this issue of The Definitive Robert E. Howard Journal. This issue features a stellar line-up of rare Howard fiction, essays, articles, reviews and artwork:

  • Full Color Cormac Mac Art Cover by Terry Pavlet
  • Inside Front and Back Covers: Scenes from “The Footfalls Within” by Bob Covington
  • Back Cover: The Sonora Kid by Richard Pace
  • “The Diablos Trail” by Robert E. Howard, illustrated by Jim Ordolis
  • “Miss High-Hat” by Robert E. Howard, illustrated by David Burton
  • “All the Crowd” verse by Robert E. Howard, illustrated by David Houston
  • “When the Dam Breaks: Violence and Wild Water” by David Hardy, illustrated by Nathan Furman
  • “Introducing…in this Corner…Kid Socko” by Brian Leno, illustrated by Clayton Hinkle
  • “One Gent too Many on Bear Creek” by Patrice Louinet, illustrated by Joe Wehrle
  • “Rogues in the House: A Conan Portfolio” by Michael L. Peters
  • “Robert E. Howard and the Lone Scouts: The Birth of The Junto” by Rob Roehm, illustrated by Bill Cavalier
  • “Ace Jessel and the Ghost of Tom Molineaux” by Jeffrey Shanks, illustrated by Nathan Furman
  • “Victory Revisited” verse by Barbara Barrett
  • Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology: A Review” by Morgan Holmes
  • Plus additional artwork and features.

The print run for this issue is only 200 numbered copies.

Price: $24.00, US postage paid.

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