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Our own Rob Roehm, the editor of the REH Foundation Press, has some news on the remainder of Howard books scheduled for publication. These are not the actual titles, but rather the subject matter of the books:

  • A book of Pirate Stories
  • Four volumes of Boxing Stories
  • Autobiographical (Post Oaks and Sand Roughs, etc.)
  • Reincarnation (James Allison, etc.)
  • Celtic adventures (Cormac Mac Art, etc.)
  • Two volumes of Humorous Westerns
  • A collection of Straight Westerns
  • Leftovers (various odds and ends, including those recently found in Glenn’s papers)

Three of the above books are nearing completion and some of them might be published later this year. The books are: the Pirate Stories book, Volume I of the Boxing Stories and the Autobiographical book.

The best of the newly discovered Glenn Lord items will appear in the Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter. If you are not yet a member of the Foundation, you are missing out on a lot,  including discounted prices on all the Foundation books, so join today.

These books, combined with the Del Reys and previous volumes published by the Foundation Press constitutes the vast majority of Howard’s works. Of course, additional Howard material still continues to bubble to the surface from time to time.

Also, a new edition of Collected Poetry, with recently discovered poems included, is on the drawing board.

So start hoarding those pazoors, guys and gals, there’s a whole passel of new Howard books coming down the pike.