What is Plagiarism?

Define plagiarism 1 To steal and pass off the ideas or worss of another as one’s own Define plagiarism 2 To use another production without crediting the […]


To correctly incorporate a quotation into a piece of writing, all the following are required except __________. annotations citation context significance annotations Analyze the information below and […]

Plagiarism Quiz

What is Plagiarism? – Stealing, theft – Changing a few words of a paragraph someone else wrote – Borrowing an original idea and presenting it as a […]

Types of Plagiarism

Brain Child Snatchers A student copies and pastes information from a source or multiple sources either from the internet or print source. No credit is given to […]


What is plagiarism To take someone’s writing or ideas and pass them off as your own or to take an idea or writing passage from someone else […]

Plagiarism Vocabulary Quiz

plagiarism The reproduction or appropriation of someone else’s work without proper attribution; passing off as one’s own the work of someone else common knowledge Information that is […]

Plagiarism & Ethics

Plagiarism Use of knowledge, insights, writing, that is presented as your own, that is uncredited to the originator. Serious OLLU offense and can be grounds for expulsion […]

ENG-112 Week 5 Drill Ch 7

True or False: Protections of intellectual property can be bought, sold, and transferred or licensed to third parties. True True or False: In the workplace, information literacy […]


Why is plagiarism wrong? A) it is a most serious lie since you are acting as if you created the words or ideas that you presenting even […]

Chapter 2 Comm Week 2

Ethics The branch of philosophy that deals with issues of right and wrong in human affairs. Ethical decisions Sound ethical decisions involve weighing a potential course of […]