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I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things since returning from Howard Days (and a camping trip this past weekend), but I thought I’d share some pictures from the panel that my dad and I put on at the event that a few people found interesting.

Most of us have seen the picture above before (a high quality copy was found in Amra editor George Scithers’ effects and a scan provided by Darrell Schweitzer). To the best of my knowledge, we didn’t know the location of the picture until the following photo was found in Glenn Lord’s effects:

On the back of this one, REH had typed “Truett and Clyde doing a bathing beauty pose on the Cisco dam.” I used both of these photos on the cover of a recent REHF Newsletter.

So, while driving between courthouses in the post oak region, we made a stop at Cisco to see if we could find the exact location of the two shots above. To get to the dam, take highway 183 north into the town. It joins highway 6 midway through downtown and continues north. Not far past the college is Country Club Road. Go past this and you’ll see the dam on your left. Continue just a bit further to the next left turn (County Road 561, which is the continuation of Country Club Road, but that is no longer a through street as travel across the dam is blocked). Drive as far as you can and park on the shoulder.

As you walk south across the dam, there’s a reinforced section of columns near the middle of the railing (far right in the image above). Looking out across the water with these posts in the foreground, we quickly had the location of the photographs narrowed down to within three of the columns. We were trying to decide which of the columns was the exact spot when my mother made a brilliant observation that was eluding me and my dad. Thanks to her, we can say with certainty that the photo was taken at the twelfth column south of the reinforced section (X marks the spot above).