Essay Example: $1 Million for a One in a Million Frazetta Conan Painting

Yesterday a private collector paid a whopping $1 million for Frazetta’s famous painting for the cover of Lancer’s Conan the Conqueror paperback, which was published in 1967. The previous record price for a Frazetta painting was the $251,000 All Star Auctions fetched for the cover to Escape on Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 2008.  The selling of the Conan painting was somewhat of a surprise to me since he and Ellie hung on to those paintings and showcased them for many years in his Pennsylvania art museum.  With the passing of Ellie in July, one wonders what will become of Frazetta’s legacy since she was the person who ran the Frazetta operations.  Hopefully, this is a one time thing and the rest of his fantastic paintings won’t wind up on the wall of some billionaire’s mansion, unseen forever by the general public.